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We quit.

We are going back under the sink.

You can't teach those unwilling to learn and you can't have a discussion with those who live in their own little dream worlds.  I've been talking about body position, the need for a living tradition to draw from, historically accuracy and context, and the inability to resurrect a dead art for about 10 years now and I am tied to talking to the wall. It is still apparent most realistic or modern martial arts is playing out somebody's weird fantasy and most western martial arts are drug dreams. Hell, two thirds of the folks whovisited this site were so full of themselves they didn't get the jokes. I spent the first 26 years of my martial art studies avoiding the vast majority of players, seminars, and forums and looking back I don't see any good came of changing that. Read Sun Feng's description of the "8 types of students". It's as true today as then.

The Roach shop is still there, but posting will be discontinued on an regular basis. Past posts are archived below.   Otherwise good luck and leave the light on when you leave.



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